About Kindred Oak Farm

Kindred Oak Farm, formally known as Chanticleer Vineyard Bed and Breakfast, is located just off Hwy 46 West. You will find us tucked away on a north facing incline, buried amongst century old oak trees in a 20-acre park like setting. Nestled in the heart of West Paso wine country, Kindred Oak Farm is home to a unique five-star, three room Bed and Breakfast, newly renovated organic working farm, vineyard for 50 people or less. Only minutes from downtown Paso Robles and its trending restaurants, yet even closer to the acclaimed wineries that have made Paso an ever increasingly popular destination site.


We offer a unique experiential setting with trees, rural country, even down to the wildlife, vineyard views and farm life complete with farm animals. You can see the magnificent sunrises and the stunning rose kissed sunsets all from either your own private deck to the communal larger patio and many other intimate sitting areas spread across our 20 acres. You can use the outside sitting area at the barn to find the constellations in the glorious night sky.

Newly refreshed interiors boast a Vintage California Ranch House vibe with modern luxuries like Belgium linen bedding, Google smart home systems and keyless entry systems. We have a communal living room area, dining room and large outside deck. Enveloped in the oaks, the view gives you a unique tree-house feel with their gnarled limbs of the old oaks stretching and winding around the landscape.

Breakfast is made fresh every morning using organic home-grown or locally sourced ingredients from our preferred vendors. Special dietary needs and/or eating styles will gladly be accommodated for with advance notice.

We pride ourselves in making sure our guests feel at home during their stay, so if you have any accommodations or requests please let us know in advance so we best prepare for your arrival. If there is a special event to celebrate or activity you would like to try during your stay, please contact us to help make it happen for you.


Note from the Innkeeper

Hello I am Lisa Peach along with my husband Robert Peach we are the proud and enthusiastic new owners of the Kindred Oak Farm. We recently bought this farm and the Chanticleer Vineyard Bed and Breakfast. We moved in, refreshed the interior, changed the name and opened for guests mid-June of 2019.

We always knew we wanted to have a bed and breakfast; I mean… I love to cook, we love wine, we love to entertain and who doesn’t love a full house? Our dream first took us to Italy many years ago, where we had an opportunity to purchase a dilapidated, yet somewhat in the process of being renovated, former grain drying facility. It wasn’t much to look at. The land however and the view – breathtaking! Views of a 13th Century Castle ruins with a Church, the Dolomite mountains, the Adriatic, a vineyard with the vine covered arch. We fell in love immediately. The piece that really and I mean really sealed the deal, was the fact there was a lone peach tree in the middle of the upper lot. Done! Done deal! After a couple of go arounds with our architect friend passes to the mayor’s office, we found that a bed and breakfast was not likely. Two residences? One for rent, one for us? Sell one, keep one? And the cost to even build it… the structure sat and sat for years on end as we raised our children and tried to figure out the best plan and funding for our piece of Italian terroir. With our last baby nearly out of the nest we thought this just might be the time.

I would be able to spend months on end abroad building our home, or dream. Months on end sounded dreamy yet expensive. While our land laid fallow, walls decaying, roof blowing off in the winds and vines taking over the house, we would travel short trips to Paso Robles. The vineyards and the country feel spoke to us, made us think of Italy and our dream there and how we could have that dream that same dream… only closer. That dream now contained a legacy element. With our children grown, we wanted a place or a bigger nest for them to come home to. A place for them to gather as our flock migrated to where life was taking them. We found the perfect place, a place with the vineyard we wanted to nurture in Italy, views of the Mountains turned to views rolling hills of vineyards and beautiful Blue and Live Oaks, that old church view had now become an old charming barn. The location changed but the dream didn’t. We envisioned bringing all our friends and family to this beloved place to show them the beauty of the trees. Is it irony or is it coincidence… that this gem was also an existing bed and breakfast? Done, done deal! Oh wait… not yet Carolyn just told me there is a peach tree in orchard. Ok now que the music … Deal DONE! The youngest is preparing for his migration to University and instead of spending months on end building and planning… I am back to cooking, Rob is tending his vineyard, we are planting our organic garden, we are breathing a little new life into the bed and breakfast and the farm and we couldn’t be more excited to share all of this with our friends and family and our guests (who are really just friends we haven’t met yet – right?)


History of the Inn

The Bed and Breakfast here at Kindred Oak Farm was created under the loving eye of Carolyn Stewart-Snow and Roland Snow. They meticulously cared for and ran this B&B for 20 years. During those years they had many guests. Their attention to detail as hosts, brought back over 500 return guests.

In June of 2019, my husband Robert and I purchased the home and the B&B from Carolyn and Roland. We have big dreams for this place and even bigger shoes to fill picking up where Carolyn and Roland left off!

Our vision is to operate our farm in a regenerative manner that will allow the soil, the garden, the orchard, the vineyard and even our animals to thrive. We hope to inspire guests through offering experiential learning with their own hands on the Farm. We are working to provide our B&B with the majority of the food we will serve, as well as stock our own u-pick farm stand.