The Grounds

Here at the Kindred Oak Farm we enjoy 20 acres of various topography. We have steep inclines, yet flat pastures and growing areas. Most of our farm is open for guests to walk, explore, forage, photograph. Because of our unique woodland park setting, our farm and the trees, your stay here at Kindred Oak Farm will be an unparalleled experiential visit like no other in the Paso Robles area.

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The Gym Studio

Located at the top section of our property adjacent but not attached to the main house, is our Gym Studio. Here we have some weights, equipment, mats, rollers. There is plenty of space for yoga, stretching or even a massage table. We also have our Peloton spin bike that guests can use to take a live class or pick a class from a large library of pre-recorded. Take in the extraordinary unique view from here, and you will not mind burning off those extra vacation indulgences and maintain your fitness during your stay with us.


The Vineyard

Also on the upper level of the farm, we have over a vineyard of mix of Syrah and Grenache grapes that were planted just about 2 years ago. While we are waiting for them to mature and bear fruit, we are kept busy maintaining them. Immature as they are right now, it makes for a peaceful stroll through the vines.


The Organic Garden

One of our first projects when we purchased the farm was to bring this garden back to its former grandeur. We emptied out the old boxes, created new boxes, put in some gopher abatement and all new fresh organic soil and organic compost. We just finished our first summer garden and prepping for our first winter garden.

bag with garden produce

The Gather Garden

Located in the upper part of the farm near the main house we have our cut flower garden, that we have named our “Gather Garden”. We grow organic unique blooms for our own use as well an operating a u-pick for our guests and visitors. We offer a subscription service for local businesses from March – July. Click here for more information on our Gather Garden.


The Chicken Coop

There is an existing Chicken coop on the property. We currently do not have chickens, however after a little revamping of the structure to make it more sound against predators, we hope to have some hens in the springtime.


The Fire Pit

This is a new feature that I dreamed up and Rob did the manual labor to create. In one of our prior rose gardens, we placed gravel down for our wood burning fire-pit. Due to heavily wooded area and fire danger in the dryer months, the pit can only be lit by our staff. Fires in the fire-pit will need to be arranged in advance. In order to make your fire experience the best, S’more making kits can be purchased from the staff.


The Goat Pen

Located between our inside service road and the Patch area, we keep our 4 Nigerian Dwarf goats in a pen that has an attached goat run that leads to a larger pen up near the upper road. We have so much fun with these 4 babies, more than we ever thought we would. I walk them every day and we adventure all around the twenty acres. I take photos and they eat everything they can. They get so excited for their adventure; it is the cutest thing ever. In Spring, we hope to breed the only female and hopefully we can expand our goat family.


The Golf Tee

If you are an avid golfer or just dabble in it as a hobby, you may find our elevated target golf tee entertaining. Rob had a fun time creating a golf tee for his friends it was so much fun they decided to keep it for our guests. The shot is estimated to be about a 135-yard hole with a decline, into the bowl area below by the barn. We have golf balls and clubs available through the staff. Tee cannot be used if other guests are enjoying the barn area below.


The Barn

Our 2-story barn has an empty workshop on the upper level, that offers a blank canvas for a future site. Right now, it could be used for small group workshop. I have plans for a floral arranging workshop and even health seminars. Could be the ideal spot for a yoga class! The lower level of the Barn is our Game Room.


The Game Room

The entertainment hub that is the game room is located on the lower level of the 2-story barn. Here we have a small kitchenette, TV with seating, a pool table, a dart board and music speaker. With a vintage honkey-tonk bar vibe, this place lends itself to a fun time. On the southwest side the game room, just outside its double doors, is our outside kitchen and our horse-shoe pit. On the northwest side of the game room is the large driveway leading up to the barn. This spot would be ideal for some dining tables for a small group event as it also leads to the Bowl area.


The Outside Kitchen

Located right outside the door of the game room, we have the most unique feature, our outside kitchen and dining area. Complete with a gas BBQ, working gas stove top, sink and a wood fire oven. The oven has an inside pizza shelf that many pizzas have been created on. Guests may use this area upon request for cooking meals. The wood fired oven does have to be operated by staff only as it is can pose a fire danger. The dining area is perfectly intimate for two but large enough for a small group. Be ready to feel as if you are camping in the woods with the special views of the creek bed and the trees.

The Bowl

Our newly landscaped Bowl area is now ready for you to come and enjoy it. Grab a chair, a blanket, a book (and maybe a glass of wine!) and relax in our grassy area.  We are excited to also use this area for very small intimate events! Please check out our Events page for more information and pictures.  This is the perfect spot for a picnic or even a proposal!


Vintage Outhouse

Since there is no bathroom inside the barn, we do have a working out house just past the horse-shoe pit. This cute little structure has a flushable RV toilet and fresh running water.


The Creek Bed

The creek runs from the horse pasture to the bowl area and borders the barn and the implement back road. This creek used to run full time up until 5 years ago. We are hoping with the rains last year and this year, we may get some water running through it again. Meanwhile, it makes for a great photo opportunity.


The Back Roads

We have three beautiful back-road trails that are begging to be explored.

The Upper Pasture Trail that is located behind the horse barn and pasture. This trail offers a tranquil walk through the oaks and hillsides. In spring as the grasses are turning green and the lichen is glowing bright green, you could easily picture yourself in another country. Soon this trail will lead to a clearing that I would like to place a glamping tent, currently it leads to the stock pile of vineyard equipment from the former vineyard.

The Creek-Bed Trail is on the opposite side of the creek from our barn. This picturesque are will have you feeling that you are lost in the country hills. With views of the barn, the hillside submerged in the trees it is an ideal spot for picture taking, and sunset watching. In the fall, you are surrounded in the spectacular show of every seasonal color in the fall foliage.

The Upper Implement Trail. This short trail leads you up past The Bowl towards the Cattle area and our implement barn. This walk features a healthy incline that is covered in oak canopy.


The Cattle

In the previous owners former vineyard lies eight acres of land. Our goal is to regeneratively farm this area with the use of a small herd of cattle and eventually also with our chickens in a chicken tractor. We currently have one angus heifer named Mariann who at the time of this writing, is about calf. In November of 2020, we acquired two young Scottish Highlanders named Winne and Wallen. At the time of their arrival Wallen was a ten month bull and Winnie was a nine month heifer. Both Winnie and Wallen are growing quickly as are their horns. Once Winnie and Wallen reach about 18 months they can start to breed and we hope to have baby highlanders for our farm stay guests to see and learn about. We are not getting into the cattle business we are only wanting to have our small herd benefit the soil and the soil to grow nutritious healthy grasses for them to eat.